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Kinetic Link Training - Level Two (3rd Edition)

In the KLT - Level Two online course, you will be extending on the knowledge and skills gained during your KLT - Level One studies and practical experiences. As the sub-title of the course suggests, a focus of the course material is the refinement of movement control. You will also be exploring the options available to you when moving towards greater precision of exercise selection, in response to an individual’s specific training needs and desired outcomes.

Course Highlights

Review the essential theory which underlies your understanding and utilisation of all Kinetic Link Training exercises, workouts and programs.

Explore the creation of KLT Focus workouts - specifically selected exercises collated to achieve particular movement restoration goals or to cater for an individual’s rehabilitation needs. The KLT Focus Workouts you will be studying include: Scapula Control / Upper Limb Rehab Workouts, Core Control / Spinal Rehab Workout, Lower Limb Rehab and Conditioning Workouts.

Study KLT Warm-Up routines.

Learn two new KLT Full-Body workouts: KLT Full-Body Workouts #3 and #4.

Examine precision of technique for all exercises learned to promote refined movement control.

Develop improved exercise delivery skills to optimise both client compliance and rate of motor skill acquisition (drawing on established coaching principles and theories of positive psychology).

Learn the best methods for effectively delivering Kinetic Link Training to your clients in group training and KLT circuit classes.
  • Introduction: KLT Theory Review
  • Module 1: Warm-Ups + Full-Body Workouts
  • Module 2: Rehab-Specific Focus Workouts
  • Module 3: Progressing Workouts + Group Training
  • Conclusion: Course Certificate
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed