What Is Kinetic Link Training?

The following movie gives you a quick preview of the Kinetic Link Training system and introduces you to some basic functional strength training principles.

The Evolution Of KLT

The following movies explore the evolution of the Kinetic Link Training system.

In this lesson you will learn to:

  • recognize basic differences between isolation exercises and integration exercises.
  • be aware of some common limitations of isolation training.
  • consider the many benefits of integrated training.
  • strive for a balanced approach to resistance training based around natural human movements.

Additional Reading

The following article compliments the theory covered within this lesson.

AUTHOR: Paul Taylor

Isolation Is Dead: Long Live Integration

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This article challenges a traditional isolation style of resistance training and suggests that modern biomechanists and functional anatomists have begun to identify how the body interacts in function. The author notes that integration is the key to functional success in strength training exercises, and that one of the key aspects of integration is the effective use of the kinetic chain - a linked system that can more effectively absorb, distribute and produce forces within the body.